Maui News Launches All-Digital Access


For those of you who don’t live here, but just can’t get enough of Maui, The Maui News has now launched an all-digital version.
Readers can now enjoy every article of The Maui News, every day, everywhere. You can now stay informed about Maui, anyplace you can grab a Wi-Fi or cellular signal.

The new service gives readers an exact digital copy of the current edition of the newspaper. Readers of The Maui News who do not have a print subscription can call The Maui News office to subscribe for both print and digital access, or sign up for digital access only, through The Maui News website (

And because it’s Labor Day, that’s all I’m going to labor here. We took a great hike at the top of Olinda road, and saw a group of birds I have never seen, anywhere before! (Where’s that field guide book when you really need it?) Hope you had a great barbecue today…

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Aloha, Jamaica

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