Even in Paradise

So, we thought Mike just had a bad cold…but a trip to the doctor confirmed walking pneumonia (which is pneumonia, just not quite so bad a case of it.) Back when I was a concierge, hotel guests used to comment that it “must be nice to live in Hawaii where you never get sick.” Yep, Mike is living proof of that today. He feels (and looks like) something the cat hacked up.

On another note, the VOG has rolled in and my throat feels raw… and my friend who gets a migraine every time the VOG is in, isn’t yelling “yippee!” either.

Yes, even in Paradise.

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Aloha, Jamaica

2 thoughts on “Even in Paradise

  1. Yes, that’s a valid comment. We were home-sitting west of Haiku off the Hana Highway and noticed the real difference between a Trade Wind regime and its opposing Kona with VOG. And recall how uncomfortable VOG was on Big Island, especially hard on people with breathing problems, yet living around Kihei might be even worse with the Maui Snow. I’m not sure if this black ash from cane burning is worse that the red dust that blankets Paia after the cane has been harvested. Our friends in the area, green people for sure, can’t stand the practice of burning all debris, the plastics and putting noxious fertilizer chemicals into the atmosphere. That this crap gets up to you in Kula, way above Paia, is shameful.
    But, we do miss Maui.

    • Aloha David,
      Yes, we are amazed that it gets up that high also. I just want people who are considering a move to Maui to be aware that they are not getting pristine air. Not even close!
      Aloha, Jamaica

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