Thankful for You

We wish all of our readers a joyful Thanksgiving, filled with love, family, friends, and heartfelt gratitude for all the blessings we all enjoy.
Here at Mauidailyescape, we are so grateful to have readers like you, who are interesting, engaged, and keep us on our toes!
Warm Aloha from the family,
Jamaica, Mike, and Lili (who is thankful for stuffed mice)
Maui Calico Cat

4 thoughts on “Thankful for You

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! This is the last one for us here in San Diego! I am moving to maui January 20 and my wife and kids will be there in march! I was lucky enough to get a great job in maui earlier this month while we were on vacation there and now we are moving! We can’t wait and are well into the selling of our stuff here!

    • Aloha and Congratulations on your impending move to Paradise. Please share, if you would, what type of job you found WHILE vacationing on Maui….which is pretty much everyone’s dream come true!
      Aloha, Jamaica

      • Hi! Sorry for lagging on my response… So I actually have a friend here in california that got me in touch with a friend of his that lives in maui and that is how i ended up getting a great offer for a job there. I think I just got lucky! The timing couldn’t have worked out better. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me up!! So after talking to my wife and our little ones we all decided that we were going to go for it. After all who wouldn’t take someone up on that?

      • Aloha!
        So happy for you and your family on your move and your new job.
        My readers are asking what type of job you have found…since so many dream of moving to Maui!
        Aloha, Jamaica

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