Christmas, Hawaiian Style


Christmas in Hawaii usually means a trip to Long’s Drugs for their ubiquitous gorgeous Hawaiian-scene calendars for the New Year. They make good Christmas gifts, as they come with their own envelopes for easy mailing (easy is good!) and those on the mainland, especially those buried in snow up to their patooties all winter, get to dream of hot sand and palm trees as they flip the calendar page each month. (Note: Long’s Drugs changed to CVS drugstores everywhere but in Hawaii. Long’s was an institution here, and the Hawaiians put their foot down. The name did not change.)


Besides the calendars, there are the boxes of macadamia nuts (Long’s and Costco) and the Kona coffee.

Sidenote: a woman sued Safeway in my hometown in California because she believed there was not ENOUGH Kona coffee in her bag of coffee from Safeway. And she won! The coffee WE buy says 10% Kona coffee. (Have I ever thought to question it, let alone sue? Apparently, she had way too much time on her hands.)

So there you have it…the typical box of Hawaiian Christmas goodies.

This holiday season, may you not tape your thumbs to your packages. May you always have enough marshmallows for your hot chocolate. And may you be surrounded by loved ones and good cheer.

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Aloha, Jamaica

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