go! Airlines Departing Hawaiian Islands


Hawaii News Now announced today that “go!” airlines is ceasing operations in Hawaii. My first thought was: will Aloha Airlines be back?

We lost all of our airline points (enough to fly first class for a long time) when go! muscled its way into the Hawaii market and put Aloha out of business….along with all those lost jobs. People bristled, and many never really embraced go! airlines

We found they almost always ran behind schedule. But when it was a choice between go! and Hawaiian Airlines and go! had a much cheaper fare… we took the cheaper ticket. That’s how you survive in Hawaii, with the incredibly high prices on everything.

Tim Sakahura, in his article on the Hawaii News Now website wrote: “Could the end of go! Airlines in Hawaii clear the way for an Aloha Airlines comeback? It’s a tantalizing thought for many people still stung by the inter-island shakeup. And get this: go!’s last day of service on March 31 will be the 6 year anniversary of Aloha’s final flight.”

“Go is withdrawing from the market essentially eating its karma,” said David Farmer, bankruptcy attorney who was the trustee during the Aloha Airlines bankruptcy. Farmer says its karma because some blamed go! for pushing Aloha out of business.He says the Aloha Airlines name is still for sale.Could be the right time for someone to buy the name and re-brand it?

“Then we’re back to Aloha Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines. I think for many of us local people that would be a nice thing,” said Farmer.

Other carriers are interested in Hawaii, writes Sakahura,
namely Alaska Airlines, which has met with state leaders over the past few years. Until another carrier opens or expands in Hawaii some fear prices taking off. But others don’t expect too much of an ascent.

“Hawaiian already really has a monopoly so they’re doing what they can so they’re not going to go up a whole lot because of this,” said John Steelquist, Ph.D., Chaminade University Business Professor.

“We’re hoping that they will continue to be that good partner knowing that they are operating in a de facto monopoly and not exploit that situation,” said Sen. English.

When you had to make a choice, did you choose go! or Hawaiian Airlines? Were you sad to see Aloha Airlines go under?

If you have purchased tickets on go!, Hawaii News Now says to call your travel agent or the airline, and they will try to get you a seat on Hawaiian Airlines.

See the full article here: http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/25012133/go-departure-could-spur-aloha-comeback

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Aloha, Jamaica

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