Maui Motormouth


Did you know today is National Cat Day? It was started in 2005 to encourage prospective cat owners to go down to a shelter and become a fur–mommy or fur-daddy.

Our own Maui Humane Society shelter-kitty, Lili, is now 11 years old. She spends all of her waking hours trying to share whatever happens to be on our plates, ESPECIALLY any type of Hawaiian fruit. Here’s Miss Motormouth in action with a papaya:


Her tongue goes about 60 mph. And she eats everything! Avocados, cherimoyas, mangos, lettuce, bananas….she has never turned a single thing down, including champagne on New Year’s Eve. Her philosophy is, if it’s good enough for us, who is she to question it?

Lili never begs. She waits patiently (she’s a Hawaii cat, afterall, and patience is imperative here) but she’s smart as a whip and I know for a fact we would never, ever get her to do this, even for Halloween:


For all of you dog-lovers out there, Lili is a dog person, too. All of her best friends are dogs. It can be done, it just has to be the right two fur-people.

So if you have room in your heart and room in your home, please consider adopting a lovely feline TODAY. She is the joy of our lives and makes us laugh every single day. How much more could anyone ask?

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Aloha, Jamaica

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