Even Paradise Has A Dress Code

So um, no…not like this it doesn’t, just in case you’ve ever wondered:


I saw a tourist family dressed like this at Costco the other day, except the pattern was bright red. And frankly, they looked like they’d escaped from a nearby asylum. Mr. Mauidailyescape tells me that back in the day it was actually cute and kosher for a couple to wear matching Aloha (Hawaiian print) wear in Hawaii. His shirt and her mumuu, out on a date together. The younger women wore short mumuus and the older ladies wore long mumuus. Aww.

But then something happened, as often happens: it got bastardized by cheap fabrics and the tourists took over the look, and then suddenly it was OVER….probably right around the time Tom Selleck’s Magnum PI had the entire country in Hawaiian shirts (because every guy wanted to look like Tom, right?)


C’mon, fess up. Did you have this shirt? I had this shirt.

The last time my dad and his wife came to visit us in Maui she made sure they had matching outfits “so they’d be sure to fit in.” And off to the luau we went! But if your goal is truly to fit in, not stand out or scream “tourist”, please resist the urge. That looked died somewhere around December 11th, 1980 when “Magnum” premiered.

But if you simply must have that shirt from the show, one like it can be found here:

Just don’t go putting everyone in your family in one. The thing now is for a family to have a portrait done here all in matching WHITE or CREAM Aloha shirts….there is no color, just tone-on-tone pattern. The Tommy Bahama shirts are mostly tone-on-tone pattern now, though they come in colors, also:

Please enjoy your Aloha-wear, ahem, responsibly. So that no one needs sunglasses to look at you.

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Aloha, Jamaica

2 thoughts on “Even Paradise Has A Dress Code

  1. Looks like I’m going to have to return my wardrobe to Kohl’s before we come to Maui in May. Jamaica, thanks for saving me from a terrible fashion faux pas. 😉

    Mike W.

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