Lava Flow Displaces Big Island Residents


The lava flow on the Big Island is now moving at 60 ft./hour. Three-hundred students who were displaced and had to switch schools were treated to being the first humans allowed to touch the cooled lava. Civil Defense oversaw the student’s field trip:


The children brought an offering tied in ti leaves (the green bundles) for the fire goddess, Pele. And how long will it be before a parent brings a lawsuit against the DOE for promoting paganism?

The cooled lava is so thick it was over the student’s heads by the side of the road


The lava is still moving, still threatening more homes….


And here on Maui, the VOG (volcanic organic gas) is so thick today because the trade winds have died down:


You should be able to see the West Maui mountains in the background, but they are a faint outline at best.

And life here in paradise goes on….

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Aloha, Jamaica
(Photos, Hawaii News Now)

2 thoughts on “Lava Flow Displaces Big Island Residents

  1. the more we understand pele and her whole family, the more we will understand the history of hawaii. Herb Kane books should be mandatory reading mahalo for your website Jim

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