An Entirely Different Point of View


A reader sent the following letter in regard to this blog. Could be they didn’t read past the Homepage, because in many of my posts I do talk about the hardships on Maui, and the downsides. This reader feels I make it sound like all rainbows to live here…and yet another reader wrote to say I talk too much about the negatives. I do work hard to present a balanced opinion. Here’s the letter:

“You seem to have left a lot out. I lived there for 4 years. It was great, but you sound like a concierge selling the island as usual. You didn’t mention hardly any of the hardships that most everyday people and locals experience… almost everyday. …Yes, Maui is amazing, but you have illustrated an almost whimsical reality. I’ve traveled quite a bit, especially in the states, and everywhere has it’s ups and downs. What you speak of sounds like the ultimate paradise, as if all dreams, goals, and aspirations will occur simply because you moved there. I’m a realist. I have lived there. I love it. I have some great friends, but the reality is, that not everyone’s experience has been so great. Many a local are not simply comforted by having sunshine everyday, or the ocean. In fact, many feel plagued by it at times, as if there was no escape. Many people can’t find the time in between work and family to start the business of their dreams. Many people don’t have union jobs that, let’s face it, are very hard to get released from. Many people look for love on Maui all day long and never find it. Many people work 2-3 jobs, can’t find descent (sic) housing, and get ripped off by the slumlords. Overworked, underpayed, overwhelmed, and overpopulated is just a little something that my local friends want to add into your blog, especially for the newbies. Aloha:)

So, let me know what you think…particularly if you have lived on the island and left. (Some people move here, then leave…then move back again. Sometimes multiple times.) I spoke with my niece’s teacher on the mainland who said, “I used to live in Hawaii. I was so over it by the time I left. Six years was plenty!”

Looking forward to your letters.

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Aloha, Jamaica

21 thoughts on “An Entirely Different Point of View

  1. Clearly this letter writer did not read most of your blog. It should be titled, “Maui, beauty with warts and all.”

  2. I read all your blogs and you have clearly stated both of the positives and negatives. I enjoy your blogs keep going girl!

  3. My husband and I have been considering moving to Maui for the past couple of years. I have found your blog to give us the the good and the bad aspects of life on Maui. Everyone is different so everyone’s experience will be different. My husband has researched heavily what the costs are in leaving the mainland. Again everyone has a different concept with their finances.

    At this point we know that we could afford to live there- it’s a big decision so who knows if it will truly happen. We visit often and know it us different to be a visitor vs living the island dream. Realitity is just that….. I look to your blog and others to dig deeper to get a more “real” understanding of what life is like on the island.

    Thank you and keep it coming🌺

    • Aloha Irene,
      Thanks for your letter. Digging deep is exactly what I try to do. I didn’t know anything when I moved to Maui…so I wanted to give others that advantage. That’s why I started this blog in the first place.
      Thanks for being a loyal reader, and I wish you the best as you weigh the pros and cons of moving here. Aloha, Jamaica

  4. Jamaica: I’ve been in the word business for many decades. Don’t be in the least troubled by the “You seem to have left a lot out” email. The writer just didn’t get your consistent jist. You strike a fine balance between expressing love of Maui and a clear-eyed witness to its difficulties. Aloha nui loa from a California Wine Country fan.

    • Aloha Tom,
      Thank you so much for your encouraging letter. Glad to kmow you feel I do strike that delicate balance. I appreciate all of my readers, particularly when they take the time to write.
      Aloha nui, Jamaica

  5. i think when some people move to hawaii it is at the end of their personel rainbow and they are very happy. others will never see there rainbow. without hard ship there cant be rewards the reward is somenone like jamica and most locals willing to share and help. as far as slum lords i think they were all born in a very dark place and karma will find them mahalo jim

    • Aloha Jim,
      Thanks for taking the time to share. Like you, I believe that people’s lives are what they are. Moving to Maui doesn’t necessarily change anything…if they struggled elsewhere, they will most likely struggle here. The major misconception that moving to Maui will mean all sunshine and rainbows forever (the fantasy, not the reality) is what I try to set straight in this blog.
      Mahalo and Aloha nui,

  6. Hi,
    For someone who lives far away from Maui, like me, Maui seems to be the perfect place to be. And it is on my wishlist to visit this island. Sometimes I say to my friend…lets move. It seems so relax…the sun, sea…but thanks to your blog I know that is not always true. You have told me about how life really is out there. With the pros and cons. So I think you are doing a good job with this blog…it is honest and real. Thank you!

    • Aloha Janine,
      Thank you for writing and for your words of encouragement. I’m so glad to hear the blog has been useful for you…it’s nice to know that the time I spend on this blog is doing some good. Good luck as you make decisions about whether to move to Maui.
      Aloha! Jamaica

  7. I agree, it’s clear that writer did not read past your home page. Your posts show the good the bad and the ugly of Maui and has been most helpful and a delight to read. My husband and I have visited many times and find your observations and advice to be spot on. Thanks for a great blog, we look forward to reading every post 🙂 love from California

  8. Haha I was frankly completely surprised at the comment. I LOVE your blog (and pass it on) to all my friends experiencing this insanely frigid winter here in the Northeast. It is a perfect reminder that even in Paradise there are real challenges. (Enjoyed the critter living in your friend’s high end stove 😀 entry). Anyway keep it up, I WILL travel to Hawaii one day, it’s on the bucket list, Thanks for keeping it all in perspective!

    • Aloha Mary,
      Many thanks for taking the time to write. Perspective is the very thing I try to serve up in this blog…it’s helpful to know the readers do get that. I really hope you make it to Maui some day soon!
      Aloha nui, Jamaica

  9. Jamaica: I just read this blog, I was more than a little shocked because the reason I like your blog is because you are so honest and I for one reader have NEVER felt you sugarcoat the Maui Life. Please continue doing what you do, you keep me centered on my Maui dreams. I have even shared your blogs with my Husband because I feel they show the real Maui experience.
    Thanks for giving me my daily Maui fix, and I love your Maui real life stories!

  10. Aloha Jamaica,
    I have been travelling, and am just getting this, so I apologize for the tardiness of the reply, yet felt that I should write it. Firstly, I agree with others that the original poster somehow missed your point/s. I understood your pros/cons about living on Maui, perfectly. Secondly, I believe that the most important thing to note is that no matter where one goes, there will be pros and cons about living there.

    Re Maui, it will always be ‘home’ to me. I moved there several years ago; stayed for 12 years; had to leave; and, am dying to return for another e-x-t-e-n-d-e-d 12 (if you get my gist). Real estate, gasoline, and cereal are ridiculously expensive. Good jobs are ridiculously difficult to acquire. Diversity of lifestyle is ridiculously unattainable, and getting accostumed to the constant fight against ants, termites, and `elelü is ridiculously unrelenting. Finding a reasonable 5 star restaurant for the average family night out, or finding a place to wear your favorite tux and gown… uh, … no.

    I tell everyone that there are many places in my travels that have been more beautiful than Hawai`i. However, Hawai`i in general, and Maui in particular, has a feeling that you just don’t feel in these other places. Some attach it to religious beliefs, others attach it to other nature, and others to all sorts of things. I simply say that it is a spirituality of some sort that seems to connect me to the world. It is a feeling that surrounds you, that grabs you, that involves you, that includes you, that becomes you, and makes you ‘one’ with Hawai’i. Some will understand this straight away. Some will never understand it whether they have lived there or not.

    We who live there, understand it as a lo ha (not aloha). Mahalo nui loa, Puaaloha, for your continued blog. Malama pono.

  11. My husband and I Love Hawaii–6 time visitors. Love Maui…. A little disappointed by all the congestion-people, cars and construction but still a beautiful place. followed directions to Oprah’s place-fantastic home. Thanks. Enjoyed our condo at Maui Banyon, sun but there were hurricane warnings but didn’t materialize thankfully. really enjoyed our vacation. Amy.Aloha

    • Aloha Amy,
      Glad you were able to find Oprah’s home with my directions. It is still one of my most popular posts! Yes, the construction is particularly bad by Home Depot and Walmart right now as Maui goes through growing pains with road infrastructure. Even saw gridlock there yesterday. But now we have Target behind there and things will be done eventually.
      Mahalo for writing!
      Aloha, Jamaica

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