I Wish You Peace


Many of you have written to ask where the blog has been. Thank you!
To answer, this last half of 2015 has been stuffed full of stress, not the least of which was Mike’s mom being diagnosed with stage – four cancer, then passing away.

Because our plates have been so full, I have been trying to uni- task, instead of multi-task. Can you remember back when we all gave something our full attention instead of scattershot one-eye-on-the-ball attention? I do. I remember that feeling in the distant past… and I’m trying to find it again.

I also know (from taking care of my ailing parents and being Executor of their estate) that it really only takes one major incident for life to slide off the plate. The last five years have been like a fire drill for us, in that four parents passed away… and we really need to regroup. Interestingly, this has been the same time period since I started writing this blog.

I really appreciate all the interest you have shown in the blog. Thank you for writing, for asking, for caring. I will get it back up and running when life calms down a little.

Because no matter what, no matter what the movies would have us believe….no matter how beautiful the scenery is on “Hawaii 5-0”, life on Maui and on all the islands, is still REAL LIFE. A friend who lived here for six years, and then moved away, made this comment: “People really have themselves talked into believing that if they could just move to Hawaii life would be PERFECT. No more worries, no more stress, just a kicked – back lifestyle where life is just really good. But that’s not the reality. People still get really sick here, people still die here, people lose their jobs here, people get eaten by sharks here!” (I had to laugh about that last part!)

So wherever you are during this holiday season, I wish you peace. I hope that you can stop for a moment during this busy, busy time and truly appreciate what you have been given…particularly those you hold dear.

May 2016 bring you joy.

Aloha, Jamaica

13 thoughts on “I Wish You Peace

  1. Thanks you for your posts Jamaica, I have always looked forward to them. You and I are going through very similar situations and I sympathize and emphasize with you. A very Merry Christmas from Northern British Columbia (in the ice and snow) and wish peace, love and all good wishes for you and yours. Lorna

  2. My deepest sympathies. Much as your balanced view of life on Maui is appreciated the need to withdraw and regroup is completely understandable. May the same strength you show in your willingness to work through the negative aspects of living in an alleged paradise help you deal with your current struggle. May the new year bring balmier breezes and a lighter heart. A hui hou.

  3. So very sorry about your loss. I have experienced the pain of losing parents as well. My mother and mother in law within 6 months of eachother. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year… and I too have missed your blog.

  4. I have missed your blog, my husband can testify to that, he had to listen to me about missing my Maui fix. So sorry for your families losses, take the needed time for yourself and heal. I wish you and your husband peace and love in the coming year. Thank you for all the Maui news, it is always appreciated here in Mid-Missouri.

  5. Wishing you peace as well, hon! 2015’s been super stressful for a lot of people, but you guys have had more than your fair share lately! 😦 I hope you have a very SWEET ’16! You deserve it!!!

    My partner and I are planning to come back to Maui in May, our first trip back since 2012, so if we do, I’ll see if you’re around. We’re not sure where to stay, though looking at the Maui Ka’anapali Villas again.

    Write me/private message me anytime, and hang in there!

    Big hugs,

    • Aloha Sean,
      Thanks for your sweet note, I know I can always count on you.
      I certainly hope you and your partner make it to Maui for some rest and relaxation soon….and that you stay warm through this winter!
      Aloha, Jamaica

  6. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year..2016 will be awesome..thank you for your blog, I have missed it and now know why. I too have lost parents and it is never easy. We lost my mom and mother in law within 6 months of each other. Parents lived a long life and that is so wonderful. Blessings to you this season as your hearts are heavy. Xo

  7. So sorry for your loss. My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and passed away in 2015 as well. So I understand how sometimes life forces us to “uni-task”. Blessings and peace to you for 2015.

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