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Are you a Hawaiian music fan?  There is so much to choose from , but two that I personally like are John Cruz, particularly his song “Island Style”, which was a big hit, and of course Jake Shimabukura
the young ukulele virtuosa, who was a youtube sensation.

Speaking of music, there is an Internet email game going around. The idea is to name a song that’s so horrendous that it gets stuck in the recipient’s head. For instance, I would say “Muskrat Love”, and you would groan, because now that’s all you hear for the next hour. Then you’re supposed to tag me back with an equally bad selection. “Midnight at the Oasis” , for instance,sets my teeth on edge.  For many of us, the songs that get stuck in our heads came out before we were even born. But still we know them, possibly from  the dreaded Muzak, or from our parent’s collections.

When my dad was a kid in the 30s, his brother Jimmy bought the record “Frankie and Johnny.” (Cue music: Frankie and Johnnie were lovers…oh lordy how they could love…) Jimmy played it and played it and played it. One day my dad, who was five years younger than his brother and absolutely sick to death of Frankie and and her stupid, cheatin’ lover, took that record out across the road and sailed it into the field. Although his brother looked and looked, he couldn’t find it. Winter came and went, and the following spring my dad was out hiking in that field with his English setter. There, wet and mangled, lay,”Frankie and Johnny.” He never told his brother.

“Achy, Breaky, Heart” . “Seasons in the Sun”. Can you hear it?

Then there is Hawaiian music, an acquired taste for some.  I like much of it. I can even handle the high falsetto if it’s live, in person, and done well. Other people, not so much. A few years back I was at the Maui Writer’s Conference.( Don’t bother to Google it, it’s extinct now). Anyway, the line for the women’s restroom was a mile long, as all lines for women’s restrooms tend to be. I had probably been standing there for close to 10 minutes, and Hawaiian music was playing the whole time. I was enjoying it, as it echoed around the restroom and bounced off the walls.

A few feet ahead of me in line was a little Texan woman. She had the big hair, 2 inch nails, and little gold lame sandals. A Hawaiian falsetto song came on. All of a sudden she shuddered, covered her ears, and yelled in a southern drawl, “I just can’t take this horrible noise one more second!” and she bolted out of the bathroom, after waiting in line all that time. As the rest of us watched her go, there was a moment of silence, and then we all burst out laughing.

Seasons in the Sun. It’s a Small World After All.

Tag, you’re it.

Maui Weather Today: High 85, Low 71

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Aloha, Jamaica

6 thoughts on “Island Style

  1. John Cruz’s Hi’ilawe is absolutely infectious! It’s a mainstay on my iPod when I take my evening walks.

    If you like pina coladas, and gettin’ caught in the rain;
    If you’re not into yoga; if you have half a brain. . . – Rupert Holme’s Escape (the Pina Colada Song)

  2. Short People – Randy Newman

    Aloha Jamaica,

    Last night I started reading your blog at the first post and I’m going on in order. I thought I’d take a small break to reply. I am currently vacationing in Maui, and every time I visit Hawaii (this is my fourth visit and fourth island) I get very curious about what it’s really like to live in Hawaii. Mahalo for all your honest, insightful, interesting posts!

    Since it’s raining all day today in Kapalua, we cancelled our dinner plans this evening. (My husband and I are Southern CA wimps) so I look forward to catching up with your blog this evening while relaxing on our lanai with my new favorite beer, Maui Brewing Co. Bikini Blonde.



    • Aloha Cynthia,
      So glad you’ve been enjoying the blog posts. So many people write to tell me they start reading and can’t stop! I wanted to give folks a snapshot of what daily life is like in Maui, so the blog is fulfilling its purpose.
      You and your husband picked an interesting time for a trip to Maui… during Tropical Storm Ana! Luckily, she went further out to sea, but that was quite a lightning show we got last night. I’ve never seen it like that here before. I hope you can enjoy the rest of your trip.
      Thanks so much for writing. I checked in on your fashion blog, also. Nice job.
      Aloha, Jamaica

      • Mahalo for your reply. Our boys’ elementary school has an amazing 1.5 weeks off during October, so this is when we decided to plan our trip to Maui. I honestly had no idea about Hurricane Ana! It was super clear and sunny when we arrived last Monday, then Friday the weather pretty much turned on us. Our boys love Hawaii too and they need to visit two islands my husband and I have already visited. I think we will be visiting those islands again October 2015 and 2016. I can’t wait.

        Have you ever been to Lanai or Molokai? I have this thing about wanting to see all the islands I’m allowed to visit.

        Mahalo for visiting my fashion blog. I really need to update it more often.

      • Aloha Cynthia,
        Yes, I’ve been to Lanai on Trilogy Excursions. It’s a must-do in my book…so peaceful and quiet. Too quiet for some people! Have also been to Molokai. Very different from Maui. Mike has spent a lot of time there, fishing.
        I hope you get your dream of visitng all the islands.
        Aloha, Jamaica

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