Where Does Oprah Live on Maui?

Where Does Oprah Live on Maui?


No matter what I post on any topic, it seems the thing people really most want to know is: where the heck does Oprah live on Maui? So, I will tell you.

I directed tourists on how to get there all the time when I worked as a concierge at the Maui Kaanapali Villas: (www.astonmauikaanapalivillas.com.) Hard to believe, but it’s a destination drive for tourists now. I wonder if someday they’ll stop there with the tourist buses like they do on the Beverly Hills “See the Stars’ Homes” tours.

Soooo (drumroll please…) Here is Oprah’s House, as seen on http://www.oprah.com:

And this is how we’ll get there: Let’s pretend you fly into Maui and board my Maui Magical Mystery Tours bus. We are now driving away from the airport, and the mountain range on your right is the West Maui mountains, and the mountain on your left is Haleakala. We’re going to go toward Haleakala. If you look at a map of Maui, and see Highway 37, we are going to follow that out toward Ulupalakua.


When we get to the main intersection in Kahului (Dairy Road and Hana Highway, just past K-Mart) we make a left onto Hana Hwy. and stay on it about one mile till we see a big green sign on our right that says “Haleakala Crater” “Kula” and “Pukalani”. We will make a right.

This is Hwy. 37. We will stay on this ALL the way until the turn-off for Oprah’s house. Since you’re not the one driving, you will get to enjoy the breathtaking scenery as we slowly climb the mountain. We will pass the turn-off for Makawao. While it’s a perfectly nice little cowboy town with a few art galleries thrown in, we won’t turn off. We will then pass the signs that say “Crater.” But we are on a mission, so we don’t turn off, as much as we might like to see Haleakala Crater.

We will eventually pass mile marker 12, then mile marker 13. We will pass Rice Park on our left. We will keep going until we see mile marker 16.5 and Keokea Park will be on our left.

Now, we SLOW DOWN. We will see a sign for “Thompson Ranch Road” because Oprah bought Thompson Ranch. Grandma’s Coffee House will be on our right, and we make the left onto Thompson Ranch Road, which immediately veers to the right. We are careful to make this right or we will be going uphill to Kula Hospital!

Thompson Ranch road is a bit like a small roller-coaster ride, up and down and all around. It’s pretty much one lane, so we are careful of all the people going in the other direction who have already been to view Miss Oprah’s house, and are now probably on their way for coffee at Grandma’s. (Oprah would probably make money if she put a coffee stand at the bottom of her driveway, there are so many people who go there now.)

We won’t know we are at Oprah’s house unless we are watching the hillside on the left. About a quarter mile down there it is, white and gleaming, perched on the hill. Lucky for us there happens to be a little turnaround were we can pull off on the right and view it. Would you like to get off the bus and stretch your legs? We’ve been on here for about 35 to 40 minutes now. Be sure to bring your camera…though you won’t get pictures anywhere is good as the one at the top. It’s uphill and the angle is not right for photos.

Okay now, everybody happy? That’ll be $19.95 for the bus tour. Oh wait, this is Maui. Make that $89.95.

Thank you for traveling today with Mauidailyescape.com. Remember, you read it here. Please tell your friends about this blog, and be sure to direct them to this post so they’ll know how to get to Miss Oprah’s house. Share it on Facebook…tweet it….then I can cover other interesting topics on this blog in the future. Thank you for riding along.

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Aloha, Jamaica


21 thoughts on “Where Does Oprah Live on Maui?

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  2. Hi. I love Maui. Have been to all islands always come back to Maui. We get a condo in kehei Kamaole sands & love it. My whole family is planning a trip 2014(22 of us). Only 3 of us have been to Maui. Can’t wait for them to see a beautiful place. They were on big island which is nice but wasn’t Maui. Oprahs place looks good. Hope to see it.

  3. Awesome directions!!! We drove by Oprah’s house yesterday and stopped in for a quick copy. Next time I need directions I’ll be sure to check your site.

  4. Thank you for the magical busride to Oprah’s. We were thrilled to spot her & Steed w/friends. We could not have done it w/o you.

    • Aloha, Gara!
      Thank you for writing to say that you enjoyed your trip to Oprah’s house with my directions…glad you found it, and LUCKY YOU to have caught a glimpse of Steadman and Miss O. Please share the blog with friends!
      Aloha, Jamaica

  5. “First Lady Michelle Obama visits Oprah’s Maui estate and is stopping all tourism and business nearby”

    Ah yeah, let them eat cake….
    Or in pidgin…”eh, brah, no broke da mout'”

  6. Mahalo for sharing excellent directions! I made my husband drive me over to see her property yesterday but the Maui police still had a road block at the end of the road. It seems the First Lady is still visiting. I think she may be leaving today. Anyway, when we turned around we stopped at a pullover and could see a tiny glimpse of Oprah’s home. The property is beautiful and it was still fun to see it. Kula is a majestic area.

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  8. Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out much. I hope to give something back and aid others like you helped me.

  9. Jamaica

    I’d love to meet you. I wanna shake your hand. I’d been up to kula looking for Oprah’s ranch and didn’t know about the turnoff on Thompson road and you led me directly there. Matter of fact I had a feeling she bought Thompson ranch but it was only a hunch. So a big fat thank you. If you’ll email me an address, I’d love to mail you a copy of my book.

    Fran Speake

  10. The drive was gorgeous but we weren’t able to see the house. Located the hospital and the long roller coaster road.

    • Aloha,
      Oprah’s Maui house is pretty much hidden from view, but if you stand just across the road from it (there is a turn-out there) you can get a glimpse. Sorry you missed it! Hope you had a great time in Maui.
      Aloha, Jamaica

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