Hawaii Housing Ranked Most Expensive in Country

Hawaii Housing Ranked Most Expensive in Country


If you love to visit Hawaii and hope to buy a home/condo here in the future, better make it soon.

Coldwell Banker http://www.coldwellbanker.com/ just released a report that puts Hawaii’s housing costs the highest in the nation. An average 4 bedroom/2 bath home is more expensive than any other state, with an average listing price of $742,000.

Kailua, on Oahu where Mike grew up (in a modest 3 bed/1bath home) and where President Obama and family plan to vacation this holiday season for the fifth straight year in a row, ranked 8th out ot the top 10 most expensive places to buy a home.

We are so glad we bought our house when we did (2002), even though we tore it down and built what we now have. Because building materials have just spiraled upward also.

Analysts say they expect prices to skyrocket even further in the future. I suppose the next thing they will rank is how Hawaii housing costs compare to the entire world.

If your dream is to live in Hawaii, better buy while you can. I wish you the best of luck.

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Aloha, Jamaica

2 thoughts on “Hawaii Housing Ranked Most Expensive in Country

  1. We’re planning to relocate to Maui in the coming year (hopefully in June, after school is out), and are planning to rent — possibly forever, according to your latest post! That’s okay though, I figure once we’re there, we might find that renting again is just fine in exchange for being able to live there. Our only challenge will be finding a decent rental that allows pets (2 cats and a dog). The horse will have to stay on the mainland. Hey Jamaica, if you know of anyone with a good rental coming up, please let me know! I’m a veterinarian, my husband is a pianist and piano technician, and our son will be entering 6th grade. We’re responsible tenants, take good care of the animals and always make improvements to our property, regardless of if we own it or rent it!
    Shauna (scadvm@yahoo.com)

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