Tip for the Day

I have again been MIA….I had to have surgery on my eyelid (yes, every bit as painful as it sounds) and as soon as all the letters aren’t running together on the page, I will post.

I do have a tip for the day, though. You know how whenever you buy berries and bring them home from the store looking all perfect, they grow fuzz within 24 hours? Well, this has worked beautifully: put the berries, unwashed, in a cardboard box lined with a paper towel. (I put a cover on mine…it was like a small gift box or shirt box.) I put them in the fridge in this box on Monday, and today is Saturday and the berries are still perfect! Who knew?

Apparently, strawberries used to always come in cardboard boxes in the old days. They probably started using plastic because it was probably cheaper. But the old ways can be the best.

Next I plan to try this with raspberries. Imagine, no berries lost to fuzz…I feel emboldened, like I can conquer the world now.

Oh, wait…I’ll be off soaking my eye with hot compresses.

I hope you’re having a good day… Will be back soon.

Aloha, Jamaica

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