Scene and Heard

Here are some tidbits from around the island:

Standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, the cashier took some money out of the till to give change, and I heard her say “We’re going to let dat one dry out… dat’s money from da beach.” Like soaking wet money is a regular occurance for her.

And a bumper sticker: “God is Hawaiian.” I’m glad they cleared that up.

Sitting in the chair at the salon getting my hair cut, a 20-something in the next chair who had recently moved to Maui was complaining about the First Friday street celebration in Paia: “The First Friday celebration on Oahu goes till 2 am.”
His hair stylist said,” Nothing stays open till 2 AM on Maui.”
The new guy quipped, “Yeah, but I at least expected it to go later than 9 PM!”

These things were all heard right before I left Maui to come to California to sell my Mom’s house. Soon I will post about real estate, on Maui and otherwise.

A hui hou! Thanks for stopping by.
Aloha, Jamaica

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