Local Style Partying


So what do the locals do with all their STUFF–since they’re busy having parties in their garages? (Or maybe it’s that haoles just own too much STUFF.)

It was interesting when first moving here to drive around and see people partying in their garages. I mean, even just Friday night barbecues… They open up the garage door, put a picnic table inside, and BAM, a party. And my questions are always the same:

What about having it INSIDE the house? Hmmm?
And who was the first person who ever decided that the garage was an ideal place to get happy?
And where IS all their stuff?

We couldn’t possibly have a party in our garage…at least not one that wouldn’t depress everybody, as they squeezed between the pile of windsurfing boards and the broken vacumn cleaner that (somebody) in the household just can’t bear to toss.

If I have a party in my garage next Friday, will you come?

It’s one of those great mysteries of life….in Hawaii.

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Aloha, Jamaica

2 thoughts on “Local Style Partying

  1. I would TOTALLY come to your ‘garage party’!!! We’ve just moved to Maui (Pukalani) and having been a fan of your blog for many months, I’d LOVE to meet new people…especially if, as you’ve said in the past, it’s so hard to break into the Maui scene and make friends!

    • Aloha Jada,
      Welcome to Maui! So glad you made the leap and followed your heart…
      As far as your response to my post “Local style partying” and having a “garage party,” I am in the midst of planning a Mauidailyescape.com potluck at a yet to be disclosed location…so we could all get to meet each other. For those who have just moved here, or blog readers who are visiting Maui.

      I am considering Rice Park, Upcountry. There has also been a suggestion for a beach potluck, but I’m thinking about how crowded the beach parks can get, and which beach on the island would even be central.

      Feel free to make a suggestion!
      Welcome, welcome! And thank you for being a mauidailyescape.com fan!

      Aloha, Jamaica

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