New FAQ’s on Maui

Ta-da! There is something new at So many readers have been writing to ask questions about moving to Maui that I was spending hours each week answering individual letters. So instead, I spent a few hours compiling “FAQ’s on Moving to Maui” (frequently asked questions). You’ll find the Tab at the top of each page.

It’s my Christmas gift to you (and myself!) because this leaves more time to post on this blog. And I will continue to post new questions as people ask me, so check back on the FAQ’s once in a while. Today I just added a section on “Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selling Everything and Moving” at the bottom of the FAQ’s…so Janet and Gaylynn, those are for you!

The Tab that was called “Moving to Maui” (my own story )is now called “Unexpected Paradise.”

Readers, please do me a favor and take a moment to share how you found this blog, so I can see what I’m doing right….what were your Search terms that led you here?

As always, thank you for your interest in the blog…thank you for your very kind words and comments on how the blog is helping to expand your view of Hawaii and Maui. I appreciate you all, and look forward to sharing the islands with you in 2014. And I ask that if you enjoy, that you’ll please tell a friend!

A hui hou! If you’d like to subscribe to this blog, please click the “Follow” button on the Homepage.

Warm Aloha, Jamaica

10 thoughts on “New FAQ’s on Maui

  1. I found your blog by searching “blogs about moving to Maui” on Google. I am planning on moving there with my husband and youngest son in 2015. I have a job lined up but, it is still scary. I love reading your posts. I have a question for your New faq section (which is fantastic). My husband is a plumber. We have heard from locals that plumbers and other tradespeople are in high demand because it’s hard to find people who will work when the surf is good. Have you heard this?

    • Aloha Janelle,
      I believe that good, honest tradespeople who know what they’re doing, and show up on time (show up at all!) will be in demand anywhere in the country. But you are right…the surf certainly has a way of making people disappear on Maui. Last week a group of us had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe on Front Street in Lahaina, and it took well over an hour to get our food. We were too hungry to leave, and we kept thinking it would arriveā€¦ And we were all in agreement that “The surf must be up.” Meaning, the cook had disappeared.
      One disclaimer: it would be my opinion that going to work for a plumbing company rather than trying to start a business from scratch would be the way to go.
      I wish you all the best! So glad the blog is helping. Mahalo for writing!
      Much Aloha, Jamaica

      • Aloha Janelle,
        I have a Facebook page under Jamaica Michaels. I am working on a page for the blog and need to put the “Like” buttons on there and link the two.
        Thanks for asking! Coming soon…
        Aloha, Jamaica

    • Aloha Kenneth,

      So glad you found the blog. I hope it does help for your move. (See the new FAQ’s on Moving to Maui.) Congratulations on making it to Maui, and best of luck to you in July.

      A hui hou! Aloha, Jamaica

  2. I found your blog by googling “Where is Oprah’s house on Maui”. Not because I want to see her house…far from it. I wanted to know so I could stay away from it! My husband & I visit Maui for about 4 weeks per year and we prefer to stay away from touristy and crowded situations. We love tooling around the Upcountry area and I wanted to make sure we didn’t get anywhere near the madness. Your blog was listed second in the search results. I found the info I needed and decided to stick around and read more of your blog! I’ve been enjoying it ever since. Thanks!

    • Aloha!
      So glad you stuck around and are enjoying the blog. Glad also it will help you stay away for all that Upcountry madness. Happy to be of service!
      Aloha, Jamaica

  3. Found it by typing in “moving to Maui”. Have really loved your blog so far! It is easy to find all the good reasons to move to a place, much harder to find reality.

    • Aloha Michael,
      So glad you enjoy the blog! Yes, the “reality” of Maui can be everything from surprising (they BURN the sugarcane?) to alarming (whaddya mean, asthma from the Vog?)
      Thank you for your kind comments, and for reading along.
      Aloha! Jamaica

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