It’s Different Out Here


For all of you who are snowed in, like my sister near Chicago (Hi Marcia!) I give you this:

Steve Simpson at Goodby, Silverstein and Partners created an ad for Norwegian Cruise Lines, which sails to Hawaii… stay with it…it’s all here, every word true of the Hawaiian Islands.

Beyond the horizon

Beyond heavy woolens

Beyond the hurry

Beyond the nightly news

Beyond the snow

Beyond the dayindayout

Beyond the Saltspray (and the idea beneath)

Beyond the gossip of seagulls

Beyond your regular stock of adjectives

Beyond work, beyond the routine spasm

Beyond the need to explain

Beyond the assumptions that keep you warm

Beyond asphalt

Beyond the northern front of cold Canadian air

Beyond the idea that you have of a fish and a fish has of you

Beyond the equator

Beyond speech

Beyond the trigonometry of the most meticulous mapmaker

Beyond the grottoes of the sea

Beyond the gull’s flight lines

Beyond the wind

Beyond tomorrow and today and yesterday

Beyond the ideologies of the left, or the right

Beyond the looking glass

Beyond where the sleet falls into uncovered souls

Beyond the ordinary everyday vocabulary of 400 words

Beyond talk show hosts who hate you

Beyond “See America first”

Beyond the wave flipping it’s hair forward to dry

Beyond your property line

Beyond the molecules normally thought to compose you

Beyond any hope you’re still reading this

Beyond the one white, single – spaced page of your resume

Beyond all memorized access codes…

Beyond “beyond”

Beyond the advertised attractions

Beyond the identity you put on with your good clothes

Beyond the laws of the land

Beyond a decent rate of return in the mutual fund of Memory

Beyond ambition

Beyond anything the present 353 words can say…

Beyond all that.

It’s different out here.

Norweigian Cruise Line says: “Seven days. Four islands. Two overnight stays. One award winning itinerary – which only Norwegian offers. With the most time in port – nearly 100 hours – you can capture the spirit and soul of Hawaii. And since Norwegian sails roundtrip from Honolulu year-round, you can vacation on your schedule.”

Why not?…can change everything.

Please stay warm! And never stop dreaming…

A hui hou! Mahalo for reading along. If you’d like to subscribe to this blog, please click the “Follow” button on the Homepage, at the bottom right.

Aloha, Jamaica

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