Time to Build the Ark

Here is a rainbow for you. We have had these low-lying rainbows the last three days.(Yes, it’s still raining Upcountry! Torrentially. Every single day.) Usually these rainbows come and go in the blink of an eye, but this morning I captured this one off our back porch:


The Bible story of Noah said that God promised he would never flood the earth again, but lately I’ve been wondering.

For a number of years we carried flood insurance. Mike thought I was crazy for getting it, but we live at the bottom of a hill, with clay soil, and I pictured everything above us on the hill tumbling down. Then FEMA tripled the rates, and it had basically quit raining every year, so we dropped the insurance. (We already pay for hurricane insurance…after a while it gets ridiculous.) And guess what? Last week our neighbors five doors down had a muddy river running right THROUGH their house.

Mike often pokes holes in my theories. (Do you have one like that?) He was pretty speechless when I told him about the neighbors, though.

Sometimes I just hate being right.

Time to build that ark. How big is a cubit?

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Aloha, Jamaica

1 thought on “Time to Build the Ark

  1. I remember many mornings walking my daughter to makawao school in the rain, her pink rain coat and boots, her jumping in every puddle she could find! Such a sweet memory !

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