Best Commute on the Planet


Here on KGMB channel 9, weatherman Guy Hagi often signs off the evening weathercast with, “Best weather on the planet!”

This morning a couple came to visit us with their new baby. They live in Lahaina on the westside, and the wife really wants to move Upcountry… But they are concerned about the commute. I told her for the entire 12 years that I had to commute to Kaanapali, every morning I thought, “How can I possibly complain? This is the best commute on the planet!”

Morning commute on the Pali

Morning commute on the Pali

(I have to say though, when we did our friend Olivier’s commute with him from Cannes, France to Monaco, along the water, it was definitely number two!)

So how would you fill in the blank for Maui?
Best _________ on the planet.

How would you fill in the blank for Hawaii as a whole?
Best _________ on the planet.

Send in your answers! I’m still collecting your “Top 10 things I love about Maui.”

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Aloha, Jamaica

4 thoughts on “Best Commute on the Planet

  1. Best home on the planet. Best spiritual gathering on the planet. I lived in makawao from 1975-83 …I had worked at Papaya Hill for many years, I remember seeing “Charlie ” walking around, the biggest dog I ever saw…those were the good ole days! Sent from my iPad

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