Maui Ag Festival

You know how there certain things that go on all the time where you live, but somehow you never get there? That was us with the Maui Ag Festival, now in its seventh year. We went yesterday because Mike was working a booth there. He is enrolled in the UH Master Gardener program, and was signing people up for the program and selling seeds. (It was also a nice way to run into old friends.)

Mike at UH Booth

Mike at UH Booth

The event is all about farm to table produce, slow food, flowers, fruits and vegetables. But the main gig is really the “Grand Taste”, a chef’s tasting where twelve of Maui’s top farmers are paired with twelve of Maui’s hottest chefs…then tickets are sold to sample the goods. $35 was a little rich for our blood, plus it was so hot I had sweat running down my neck, and food was about the last thing on my mind. (The heat beat pouring rain, though, which would have been the most likely alternative lately).

There was a centerstage with entertainment, and lots of food trucks for those looking for more reasonable fare.

This is all held at Maui Tropical Plantation and they are doing their part with an old-fashioned windmill for energy


Next time you’re on Maui, if you’re looking for a fun day out with your family, check to see if it’s Ag Fest weekend.

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Aloha, Jamaica

3 thoughts on “Maui Ag Festival

  1. Aloha Jamaica! I enjoyed reading your Ag Fest experience. This was my second time attending Ag Fest. I tried to enjoy myself, but the heat was so unbearable! We ended up only staying an hour just to do a quick walk by every booth and buy a few snacks. What did you think of the event? Would you go again next year?

    • Aloha Rachel,
      I loved the Ag Fest when it was Ulapalakua, mostly for the floral competiton. It was like walking into a fantasyland in some of those displays. I was under the impression they were going to do the same thing at this Ag fest, so I was disappointed when there was none there. We will probably be there next year because Mike is in the Master Gardener program for the long-haul.

      Thanks for your comments and for reading along! Aloha, Jamaica

  2. We were there yesterday as well! You are correct, it WAS indeed HOT but not complaints here…it was such a welcome break from all the rain!

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