Barefoot Taxes


Got our taxes done the other day. Nothing special there… Except that everyone in that office runs around barefoot. My kind of place. Ever had your taxes done barefoot?

Maui Time ( had this in the “Overheard” box:
Man: “I forgot my shoes this morning.”
Woman: “Why did you do that?”
Man: “I don’t know… I like to walk around without shoes.”

I want you to know, I live in fear of this. I run around barefoot every hour of the day, and then it’s time to go somewhere. I will go out and get in the car, start it up and be backing out of the garage… and will realize I have no shoes.

What if I get all the way downtown to Safeway and they won’t let me in? What if I get to a doctor’s appointment and the doctor won’t see me? These are important questions.

I try to keep a pair of flip-flops (slippahs) in the trunk, but they don’t always stay there. Some days I actually need them!

Then there is the flip-flop blow out, but that is another post…

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Aloha, Jamaica

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