Weekends and Holidays on Maui

Recently a reader named Antonio saw my post “Mainland Observations”, and asked the following question:

Hi Jamaica,

I’ve never been to Maui but would love to see it, I live in Central California. Sorry, but I don’t know what you mean by the following observation:

“The weekend really does feel like a weekend on the mainland. But Maui is a 24/7 society.”

I really appreciate how honest you are in your posts.

Aloha Antonio,
Thank you for your question. Other people might be wondering too. I’ve written in the past that social life in Maui can be hard because so many people work in the service industry. So if you’re having a BBQ for Labor Day, half the people (or more) that you invite won’t make it, because hotel workers, for instance, work shift work, seven days a week…the same for waiters and waitresses, bus boys, concierge, cooks, massage people, activity agents, activity guides (hiking, biking, water sports), boat captains and crew (including fishing boats), retail/shop workers, bus drivers, etc. Mike and I will get invited to dinner at someone’s house, but can’t go because he leaves at seven in the morning to be a boat captain, and doesn’t get home until 8:30 or 9:00 at night.

Whereas here on the mainland, so many people have office jobs, tech jobs, teaching jobs,etc. that when the weekend or a holiday arrives, everyone is off work at the same time. Easier for sure for friends and family to all get together…

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Aloha, Jamaica

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