Job Postings on Maui

So you think you can dance? Parade magazine recently reported that the job of “dancer” has the highest relative concentration in the state of Hawaii as compared to other states.

We are back on Maui, and I’ve been plowing through a month’s worth of mail and backlogged newspapers. Readers constantly write to me about moving to Maui, and inquire about jobs. So here, from August 10, were some job postings in the Maui News. (Alison, some of these are for you…)

At the Kaanapali Beach Club…
Director of Food and Beverage
Sales manager
Vacation counselor
Activity concierge
Hospitality agent

For Valley Isle Excursions…
Hana Tour Drivers.
They make 38,000+ per year with paid time off, paid medical, and paid training. Sounds good, right? Here’s the caveat: “Must have lived in Hawaii for five years, prefer Maui restaurant residents. Must be able to work weekends and holidays!

For the Hawaii State Judiciary…
Court reporter II
Forensic Interview Specialist
Social worker I, II, III and IV

For Child and Family Services…
Case Management Specialist II. B.A. or Masters in Human Services or related field required.

Hawaii Health Systems Corporation…
Chief Executive Officer. Graduate-level education or equivalent and at least 15 years of progressive senior-level hospital executive, administrative, and leadership experience required.

Enterprise Rental Car Company…
Management Trainees/ Bachelor’s degree required.
Customer Assistance Representative, part time.

So, we know some people who moved to Maui and the husband got a job on Haleakala with the Pony Express. How? Because he had a clean abstract, a heavy equipment operator’s permit, and was a horse wrangler. How’s that for specialized?

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Aloha, Jamaica

2 thoughts on “Job Postings on Maui

  1. My family has decided to move to Maui but I’m nervous about finding/having a job when we make the move. In particular, I want to apply for the social work and Judiciary job postings. Do you have any advice on whether I should start the application here (the Bay Area) or wait until we plan to move (next August)?

    • Aloha Jason,
      Congratulations on your family’s decision to move to Maui.

      As far as these jobs, if you won’t be ready to be here for a year, it would not be good to apply for them. However, a three-month run ahead of time for a job is a good idea. It seems that the jobs that need the most education, such as social work, doctor, attorney, etc. means the employers are more willing to deal with people from the mainland. There’s a smaller pool to draw from here. (It’s the jobs like concierge at the hotel, front desk, and bellhop, that are harder to do from a distance.)
      In any case, if you find a job you really want, I would apply for it. Any job on Maui that pays well enough to be able to live here, I would take the job and come get housing and be here before your family arrives.
      I wish you the very best of luck. Thank you for writing! Let me now if you have other questions.

      Aloha, Jamaica

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