Life is Waiting


“All of our lives are finite. Stop living like you have forever. Plan for the future, but don’t forget to sometimes live like you don’t have one.”
Phil Bennett

So what have you been putting off? What’s on that bucket list? A move to a warmer climate, perhaps… those of you up to your eyebrows in snowdrifts, plotting your escape?

I know a psychologist who got moved to another division with her job. This move actually places her in mortal danger every day… she’s working with dudes who have murdered people, nice things like that. Her cortisol levels are through the stratosphere and she is not the same person. She plastered a large sign on her office wall, marking down the days till retirement with a big X on each day. The thing is, her husband shakes his head and says that she really can afford to retire. It could save her health and sanity, so why not? Sometimes people just can’t quit, even if it’s in their best interest, even if it’s killing them. Even if the writing is in big letters on the wall.

We all get stuck. Sometimes it’s very hard to see the big picture. Could you really rent out your house and at least TRY to live your dream? Could you take classes while continuing to work that will open up doors to that new career? Could you write that novel on your weekends? (See “The Weekend Novelist” by Robert J. Ray).

Years ago I had an idea for a nonfiction book (rule# 1, find a need and fill it). I didn’t know how to write nonfiction. I didn’t know how to do footnotes. But I taught myself. Then everyone said I’d have to get an agent or I wouldn’t be able to sell it. I threw that rule out the window too–wrote a killer proposal and cover letter and that book was sold within the year. (Trust me, these things don’t usually happen overnight.)

The point is, sometimes we have to stop playing by the rules. Sometimes we have to stand on the roof and jump off (hello, Hawaii, here I come!) to get what we really want, even deserve, in life. Sometimes we break an ankle, but we might also learn to fly. So paint that picture. Take those photos. Learn to race a race car.

What are you dreaming of?

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Aloha, Jamaica

11 thoughts on “Life is Waiting

  1. Jamaica,
    This is pretty much where we’re at. We made the decision the move to Maui a couple of years ago. At first it seemed like a pipe dream but as we move closer to the day (about 18 months from now) it doesn’t seem so impossible any more. We get a lot of sideways looks when we tell people that we’re planning to move to Maui. Even as daunting as the logistics of a move like this can be, we also said if we don’t try this, ten years from now we’ll be looking at each other and thinking why didn’t we at least try. We’ve done a lot of research and that process continues. This is the path we’ve chosen and we have every intention of following through.

    Mike W.

  2. Our dream was to spend our 1st retirement winter out of the cold of Michigan. Our choice destination? Maui! So that’s just what were doing! We arrived here In October and are not going home until end of April. We made sacrifices for years to make this happen. The sacrifices were so worth it. We love it here!!

    • Aloha Teresa,
      So happy for you that you made this happen. Amazing what we can accomplish when we are driven by something powerful within us.
      I hope you have a marvelous time on Maui. Maybe you’ll decide to stay!
      Mahalo for writing.
      Aloha, Jamaica

  3. Aloha, I can so relate to this. Back in 2010 I was still working but not happy, then I came across this poem, YOU BLOCK YOUR DREAMS WHEN YOU ALLOW YOUR FEARS GROW BIGGER THAN YOUR FAITH. That repeated in my mind for days…then I decided to retire early, I didn’t tell anyone, I started to work on my dream! To start painting, which for 30 years I had to put it aside being a single parent I had to work long hours. So I started to buy my art supplies, each week, each sale I stocked up for the future knowing once I retired I wouldnt have extra money to spend. So this past summer I did 15 paintings, made some pieces of jewelry and for the first time in a very long time I felt FREE, free to be creative again! I’m 67 years young and an ARTIST who is following her dream!! So don’t let any thing stop you from doing what makes you, YOU! Let your SOUL SING!!

    • Aloha Patricia,
      Thanks so much for sharing your story. Art is powerful…I am saddened every time I hear that they are doing away with the arts programs in schools. Recently I read an article where they interviewed inmates and found that the majority of them had attended schools with no arts programs. How telling is that!
      Aloha, Jamaica

  4. aloha your article is very well put. but as you get older you have to do things a little different. i can still do every thing i did as a younger person just not as fast or as often. as far as hawaii goes it isnt calling my name its yelling my name be there soon mahalo

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