How for speak Pidgin


As I get settled back into the way of life on Maui after being gone for so long, I thought I would share with you one of the major differences between the mainland and here. It’s a funny and very true depiction of speaking pidgin.

If you’re trying to keep up while watching it, think, that’s how it would be if you lived in Hawaii!


Aloha, Jamaica

2 thoughts on “How for speak Pidgin

  1. Hey Jamaica, welcome back to Maui. Hope things on the mainland are settled. Last year when I first started following your blog, I was living in CA with dreams of Maui. Now I’m in Kula living the dream!

    Pidgin was tough at first, but after 6 months working with the nice local folks here, I can say that I understood about 95% of that video! I’m sort of shocked myself. That video is like a midterm exam for me. Hopefully in another 6 month, I can speak enough pidgin to blend in.

    • Aloha TC,
      So glad to hear you have made your dream a reality. Yes, Pidgin can be a shock. I find it interesting that it can also be used for exclusion: if they don’t want someone to understand something they’re saying, they can just speak pidgin very quickly. Mike’s brother told me the story of being at the Honolulu airport and there was an issue with his ticket. They didn’t realize that he’d grown up in Hawaii, so they spoke Pidgin, but to their surprise, he was following along with everything they were saying.

      Welcome to Maui!!
      Aloha, Jamaica

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