Across the Big Pond

We are across the Big Pond. We have “come to America” as Mike calls it. We are here to get a full knee replacement for him in San Francisco, and then rehabilitation. More blog posts to follow as to why he is having the surgery on the mainland instead of getting it done in Hawaii…

People have wondered why I didn’t post about the hurricanes, and the answer is, we were gone! I am really backed up on answering letters from blog readers, and I apologize. It was a lot of work to get out of Maui–planning to be gone at least a month–and then to get settled in and ready for his surgery. We are fortunate enough to be staying with his nephew. (And are remembering what it’s like to live in a house with four people and one bathroom!)

We had to be here a week early for his pre-op appointment, but then we got to go play. The weather has been perfect, like fall, crisp and sunny. Here is our view from Sausalito:

And here we are:


Mike is wearing his brace, and we are wearing out his knee with walking! He is so ready to have this done, sometimes it just goes out from under him…image

Now that you are up to date, I will start answering your letters. Stay tuned!

A hui hou. Mahalo for reading along.

Aloha, Jamaica