That’s Just the Way it is, Baby

Wow, readers really responded to “The Five Stages of Maui.” So I will share some friend’s comments about their recent move to Maui:

“We just can’t find the simple stuff… Hangers, for instance.” (I agree, what’s up with those black flocked hangers at Walmart?)

“Bookshelves. Who would’ve thought it would be so hard to find bookshelves?”

“Don’t like that we have to keep everything in the refrigerator. Otherwise, it molds. I don’t like cold bread!”

We wandered around saying, “Where are your mattresses?”

“Can’t believe there is no Mac store here!” (And no, the Macnet store is NOT a Mac store.)

“Where we came from (New York City) there was a stigma about cockroaches. But the other evening we were standing outside and saw a bush completely covered from top to bottom with cockroaches…” (The other evening I poured a glass of tomato juice, and in the time it took me to get from the kitchen into the living room, there was a cockroach floating in it. And it’s disgusting, because they disintegrate in liquid…so it isn’t like you have but a second to fish them out!)

There is always another cockroach...

There is always another cockroach…

“Went to Safeway for asparagus. No asparagus! Yet it was asparagus season… I guess you learn to substitute.” (Yes, sometimes daily.)

“You have to go to, like, seven different places to find anything here.” (It never ceases to amaze me. Recently I needed an “eggcrate” for our mattress. Went to Walmart, had gone to Kmart. Something told me to go back to Kmart the very next morning…and there was an egg crate. Had someone returned it overnight? The point is, you will run around a lot. If something is good, it gets snapped up off the shelves immediately. On that note, if you didn’t bring Christmas decorations with you, be sure to buy them the second you see them or they will be gone. The same with a Christmas tree!)

“The ant problem.” (They are always here, no matter what… But we have been blessed with an abundance of them after our termite tenting. Turns out, the ants love to eat the dead termite carcasses. The ants are all over my kitchen countertops, and I just can’t keep up with them. Also, they circle the cat food bowl constantly. I created my own ant moat, because they will not cross water:

Cat bowl inside another bowl with water in it....a homemade ant moat.

Cat bowl inside another bowl with water in it….a homemade ant moat.

Our friends say that Macy’s sells a fancy commercial version of this, but ours works fine. I also make sure to run the cat bowls through dishwasher twice a week.)

Jamaica here…

One thing is for sure, if you are moving from somewhere where you’ve had a lot to choose from (and great quality), you are in for shock. Our Macy’s, for instance, is the size of a postage stamp compared to New York City, or Chicago. But compared to the old Macy’s (previously Liberty House), this one is a palace!

And, the old-timers think the newcomers are crazy, because they REALLY had nothing! Anyone have anything to add?

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Aloha, Jamaica

Scene and Heard


I was in KMart here, searching for something, and two teens came up behind me. I heard one say,”Whoa! It’s like Walmart after the Zombie apocalypse. Eerie. There’s nobody here…”

Kmart has gone down downhill ever since Walmart opened. And then there was that unfortunate business of Sears buying them out… it just seems they never recovered. And they’re tearing up the whole store and it now looks like a five-and- dime for tourist’s only: sand chairs, beach towels, trinkets. The shelves are empty. Empty shelves are always an issue on Maui, but this was beyond that.

I couldn’t figure out why recently, every time I went to Walmart the shelves were empty. I was discussing this with a woman whose husband works at the docks, and she said they changed the Walmart dock delivery day from Friday to Saturday. I was always there on my errand day, Friday! Well, it sure helps to know someone who works at the docks when you live on an island.

But we’re holding on here, because TARGET is coming! I can see the walls going up (on the land behind Walmart.) I was really surprised at how fast it was moving and then I realized they were bringing in preformed concrete walls and standing them up.YAY! More choice on Maui.

The second thing seen and heard was a young girl, maybe eight years old, standing in Safeway with her mother. She was pointing to a mound of fresh peaches and saying “Mom, what ARE those?” No child raised in the Midwest would ever have to ask what a peach was…

Enjoy your weekend. Maybe you’ll find a nice, fresh peach.

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Aloha, Jamaica