Best of Maui 2014…Part 2

The Maui News ( runs a contest every year for the “Best of Maui.” The results for 2014 are in. Last time I covered restaurants, and this time we will look at other activities. (In the interest of time, I will simply list them, and you can Google their addresses, phone numbers etc.)

Best Spa:
Grand Wailea Spa Grande

Best Golf Courses:
Kapalua Plantation Course

The King Kamehameha Golf Club

Wailea Gold Course

Best Agri-Tourism:
Al’i Kula Lavender Farm
(love this place, but be forewarned, they now charge just to get on the grounds.)

Best Air Activity:
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

Best Sea Activity:
Trilogy Excursions
(I’m biased…Mike is a captain for the Scotch Mist out of Lahaina. If you love to SAIL, check them out at :
Scotch Mist Sailing Charters is the premier sailing charter on Maui. Enjoy stunning scenic views as you glide silently along the sparkling blue waters off Maui’s …‎Reservations – ‎Sunset Cruise – ‎Snorkeling

Best Luau:
Old Lahaina Luau
(my own favorite, The Feast at Lele, came in third:

Best Resort/accommodations:
Grand Wailea
(nice if you can afford it!)

Best Local Coffee Shop:
Maui Coffee Roasters in Kahului

Best Boutique:
Mahina for locations

Best sports store/surf shop:
Hi – Tech Surf Sports

Hawaiian Island Surf and Sport

Maui Dreams Dive Company

That’s it for this year….enjoy them during your time on Maui, and remember, it’s always best to check back as hours and information can change….and places go out of business. As we all say here, “It’s Maui”!!

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Maui Voted Best Island

If you’re in the winter doldrums and need a pick-me-up (or a reason to dream), here is a link to some of the most fabulous photos of Maui that I’ve seen. The baby and Mama whale tales? Have never seen this shot captured before…


And then of course, the article is pointing out that Conde Nast Traveler readers have voted Maui the #1 island in the WORLD for twenty years straight! These pictures say it all.

Come see us! Mike (“Captain Turk”) will be happy to take you out on a whale-watching tour on the Scotch Mist out of Lahaina Harbor. I hear he’s quite entertaining…and can regale you with legendary surfing stories, or talk about the time the huge surf took out all the houses on the beach on Oahu’s North Shore and his whole neighborhood had to evacuate (these same houses are being threatened again at this very moment from high surf. Such is the price of beachfront property).

Maui…no kai oi! (Maui is the BEST!)

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Shark Snack

Shark Snack


As those of you who follow this blog know, Mike works as a boat Captain on the Scotch Mist out of Lahaina

A couple of days ago he came home from work and told me this story: another Captain out of Lahaina had taken a snorkel tour over near the coastline of Lanai. The group of snorkelers were in the water enjoying themselves.  While the Captain waited on the boat, he looked down in the water and saw a large turtle surface. Under the turtle he saw another shape, and assumed it was a second turtle…when suddenly an eight-foot tiger shark surfaced just behind the turtle, and opening its large jaws–swallowed the turtle whole!

The Captain started yelling, “Everyone back on the boat. Back on the boat, NOW!” but the shark had his snack, and took off, not bothering any of the humans.

I guess he didn’t get the memo that the turtles are endangered and not to get too close.

For those who would enjoy a sailing adventure the next time you’re on Maui:

Scotch Mist Sunset Tour Highlights:

The Scotch Mist is the fastest production line sailboat of her size in the world.

■ Bubbly Champagne, Kula Chocolates, Beer, Wine, Soda & Juice ■ Quiet and Relaxing Sunset Sail ■ Beautiful views of Maui, Lanai and Molokai ■

Snorkel Trips Available (to the brave and fearless!) to Lanai

Call 1-877-669-1077. Enjoy!

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Maui Weather Today: High 87, Low 73

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