Oracle CEO’s Island Laboratory

Oracle CEO’s Island Laboratory

In an AP article on Tuesday, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison envisions his recently acquired Hawaii Island of Lanai becoming a “little laboratory.” He wants to experiment with more environmentally sound ways to live on the 141 square-mile island, including: converting seawater into freshwater, exporting more fruit to places like Japan and having more electric cars. He made these remarks Tuesday to CNBC.

About those cars: an Island is a perfect place for them. People would be able to drive just far enough to not need a real charge. According to the Sierra Club,, a fully charged pure electric vehicle can go 80-140 miles on one charge and can recharge in 6 to 8 hours on a 220 V outlet charging station. A Plug-in hybrid can recharge in about 100 minutes. I hope that Larry Ellison buys electric cars for all of his minimum-wage workers on Lanai. I really do.

I also wish that the government would use Maui as its own laboratory for electric cars. I really do. If Lahaina had a way for Mike to charge a car when he got there for work, we would buy a Chevy Volt, who’s MSRP of $40,280 is not too far out of line for the savings in gas. As it is, Mike spends $1200 a year on gas. What a perfect place for the government to experiment with charging stations and real-life workers!

Ellison bought 98% of Lanai from David Murdoch in June for an undisclosed price. Before now, he hadn’t publicly shared his vision, leaving Lanai’s 3,200 residents in the dark about their futures. Ellison got two resorts, two golf courses and assorted commercial and residential buildings. He also got three utilities on the island which are now under his control.

Oh my, I just saw the Science-fiction movie trailer in my head.

Let’s just hope he intends to use his considerable power for good and not evil. In the meantime can someone please sign us up for that electric car experiment?

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Texting on the Pali

Texting on the Pali


The driver of a SUV involved in a near head-on collision Thursday on Maui has died from her injuries.

She was driving on the Pali, the stretch of curves, cliffs and tunnel just past Ma’alaea on the road to Lahaiana.

Maui Police say that 39 year-old Arlyn V. Visitacion of Lahaina was pronounced dead at 3:45 p.m. on August 31st. She had been in the intensive care unit at Maui Memorial Medical Center since the accident.

Police investigating say Visitacion was driving, Lahaina-bound, just Lahaina side of the pali tunnel when a Ford pickup truck crossed the center double line and impacted the Isuzu Rodeo she was driving. The impact stopped the car immediately, wedging it against rocks. Rescue crews had to use the jaws of life to extricate Visitacion and her female passenger – who is still listed in serious condition.

And guess what the guy who hit her was doing? TEXTING. On THE most dangerous, curvy stretch of road in all of Maui. He told police he’d gotten a text from his boss and was trying to read it. They are still trying to figure out if drugs or alcohol were involved. Would someone have to be drunk to be texting on the Pali, or just incredibly stupid?

This is happening way too often, this killing of people because someone can’t wait two minutes to get a message by pulling to the side of the road. And now, how many friends, loved-ones, family, possibly children, will forever be affected because one person selfishly couldn’t wait to read a text? And that’s exactly what it is: selfishness. That and believing it could never really happen to us.  Please, please THINK before you text!!

Thank you.

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